January 4th – January 8th 2024

A Short Program

Day 1

Thursday – January 4th

Departure on Airmalta flight KM 640 to Catania at 6.10am. Group has to reach airport by 3:30am.  On arrival in Catania at 6:50am, we board our coach GRAN TURISMO and proceed for a quick breakfast,(extra) before starting our way to Cisternino.  After crossing the strait of Messina, we proceed further up, allowing a stop for lunch and other stops as needed. On arrival in our luxury Four-star hotel, we are given our rooms, after which we can enjoy the delicious dinner awaiting us in the Hotel restaurant.

Day 2

Friday – January 5th

After our Buffet breakfast today, we shall  set out  for  the  famous  Zoo Safari in Fasano, a great  attraction for young and old. An experience like no other. Just get your cameras  ready and enjoy. A delicious lunch awaits  us in our comfortable  Hotel. Later on we  leave for Alberobello where  we  visit the World famous Trulli.  Be prepared  to explore and enjoy  moving around these unique  dwellings.  Souvenir  shopping will be a delight for  most of us. Following this  full day, an  appetising  dinner  will comfort us at   four star Hotel.


Day 3

Saturday – January 6th

After breakfast we set out for the renowned city of Lecce also nicknamed   Southern  Firenze. It  lies in the southern  Apulia region  well known for its  baroque  buildings. In the central Piazza  del  Duomo  the Cathedral of Lecce has a double façade   and a Bell  Tower. The Basilica  of Santa Croce  features  sculptures   and  a rose window.  This is a central  location for exploring the whole of Salento,  being the main city of the peninsula. A must visit for its great importance. Today we will not have time to return to Hotel for Lunch and so lunch has to be optional and paid for individually. On our way back we shall visit the Live Crib at Locorotondo  which is a great  attraction. A  delicious  dinner awaits us at our Hotel  when we arrive.



Day 4

Sunday – January 7th

We shall enjoy our Buffet  breakfast   and be ready to start  on an exceptional  excursion  to  the important city of  Bari, the capital of  Southern  Italy’s  Puglia region. Surrounded  by narrow streets  the 11th century  Basilica of San Nicola, a key  pilgrimage site holds  some of  Saint  Nicola’s remains. To the south , the Murat Quarter has stately 19th  century  architecture, a promenade and  pedestrianised  shopping areas. Lunch awaits  us in our Hotel.. Later on we shall  leave for Polignano a Mare, the birth place of  Domenico Modugno  the famous  Italian  singer,  a really beautiful  town. A special  photo  near the famous  statue  is highly recommended. We shall savour   the tempting  dinner that awaits us in the evening on our return


Day 5

Monday – January 8th

After our last buffet breakfast in Hotel  we board our coach with all our luggage to Start on our way to  Catania with a few stops on the way, one of which will be to have Lunch(extra). We need to be at Catania airport at 8:30pm. Our scheduled departure is at 11:20pm (22:20) on KM 643. Arrival in Malta is expected to be at 00.05

Discounted  price is €760
Price includes:

 N.B   All food  or drink  outside the Hotel has to be paid for extra.
Tassa di soggiorno to be paid in the end of trip.

Entrance tickets to museums, funparks, boats,safari, cable cars etc. are to be paid for extra. PLEASE PHONE 9949 9072 / 21414788 for more details